How to Level an Above Ground Pool with Water in It

Nothing matches the cool refreshment of getting into the best above ground pool during the hot days. However, this refreshment is only possible if your pool is installed correctly, level, and nice.

An above ground swimming pool needs to be placed on a level surface or it might end up having an unwanted shallow end. In addition to being unsightly, an uneven pool is shaky. 

Also, you will be risking the safety of both the bystanders and swimmers in case it collapses due to the uneven nature. This is why you need to take your time and level your above ground swimming pool.

What Makes a Pool to Be Uneven?

One thing that might make your pool to look uneven is the development of wrinkles in its liner. Another one is if the pool is misshapen or its uprights aren’t vertical. 

You pool might also be leaking or the skimmer or the return fitting might not be secure making the surface wet and sinking the pool. Lastly, DIYer can install the pool on an uneven surface without noticing it. 

All these reasons will make your pool to be uneven and should be corrected as soon as possible. However, the biggest sign of a poorly installed pool is if it is “off level”. 

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