Using Borax to Raise pH: How Much Borax to Raise pH

I want to raise my pool pH using borax. How do I go about that? How much borax will I need to increase the pH?

Here is an article that will help you to get a rough idea of what you should do and the amount you will need. 

how much borax to raise ph

Do I Need Borax in my Swimming Pool?

Note that the more chemicals you add to your facility, the more difficult it becomes to maintain. Thus, you should use them for specific purposes.

In our case, you will need borax to fight unstable PH that shifts up and down for one reason or the other. You can also use borax if you want to raise the pH without affecting the total alkalinity (TA) levels.

How Much Borax Should I Use?

Using borax in your pool is a cost-effective way to raise the pH level. However, you shouldn’t just go adding this product without knowing how much you should add.

You first need to figure out the precise amount you will require and whether you will need to use other products to reduce acidity levels. The amount to use can easily be found by calculating the amount of necessary ph and the pools TA. 

You also need to determine the size of your swimming pool. Once you get the two figures, use the online water-chemistry calculators to computer the amount of borax you will need.   

With that said, borax is mainly used in a concentration of 30 to 50 ppm. But before you add it, you will need to reduce the pH if it is higher than 7.8 using muriatic acid.

That is because borax increases the pH but is usually stable when the pH is between 7.2-7.8. 

As an example, if the TA level is 100, and you have a pool that holds 10,500 gallons, you would need 73.7 ounces of borax to raise the pH. That means adding about 20 Mule Team Borax in your pool since one box weighs 76 ounces. 

Note the following:

Make use of the water-chemistry calculator when computing the amount of borax to add to your pool. 

Add the borax to the skimmer when the pool’s filter and pump are running.

Wait for three days and test the water.


What Are the Benefit of Adding Borax?

Borax offers a lot of benefits to your pool, such as:

  • Stabilizing the pH – The chlorine in your facility will become ineffective if the pH drifts beyond the levels of 7.8. That means it won’t kill bacteria or act as a stabilizer. Besides, a higher pH leads to calcium scaling and can result in healthy problems. Using borax prevents all these issues.
  • Prevent algae – That is possible because it maintains the pH.
  • Minimize chlorine usage – Borax minimizes the number of times you will need to shock your pool. 
  • Provides soft and clean water – Borax also ensures that the water remains clear for long because chloramine does form quickly.

Final Verdict

The amount of borax you can add to your pool will depend on the TA level. Also, ensure that you determine the size of your pool before you add any product.